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Article: Our idea is a lifestyle

Our idea is a lifestyle

The idea of the Anema brand is to build its own fashion line using the concept of sustainability throughout the phase from development to finishing, and beyond.

The decision was to discuss the points that make a sustainable lifestyle strong:

NATURAL and ORGANIC : the models produced are made up of certified natural and organic fabrics, grown and produced directly by the manufacturer itself.

ECO-SUSTAINABLE and ETHICAL : the whole process of design, development and manufacturing takes place in our family business, using an ethical concept of "slow fashion" regarding respect for human rights and work in the factory.

SUSTAINABILITY OF THE TERRITORY : Anema has its roots in southern Italy, in the Campania archipelago, enhancing, through its models, landscapes rich in culture and colors.

SUSTAINABILITY ON MATERIALS AND ACCESSORIES : The study and development of the models followed in parallel the choice of materials, both for the aesthetic aspect and for the sustainable functional one. The interior, the soul of the bag, to be clear that part that is not visible, is composed of a material composed with regenerated brittle cuttings and natural latex, obtaining important global certifications on their sustainable and ecological commitment.

ACCESSORIES : The accessories also count for their chromaticity and beauty, but in our choice all nickel free accessories not treated with uncontrolled chemical compounds harmful to the environment and made in Italy products were used. In addition to the metal accessories, shoulder straps in natural hemp rope and handles in recycled polyethylene covered with natural hemp fabric are also integrated as optional accessories.

TECHNICAL APPLICATIONS : The tools used in our sector are mainly rudimentary, but thanks also to the new innovations in the automation sector and the studies of new adhesives, we are able to contain and control polluting gas emissions, thanks to the use of water-based adhesives. certified and the use of ducted suction ducts with carbon filters for further air cleaning.

FEW STEPS AND LESS POLLUTION : Our intent is also to always engage in an ethics at km0 and therefore in the supply of materials and accessories from local companies closest to our production or with direct shipments from / to Italy, thus also treating made materials. in Italy.

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Anema è PETA Approved Vegan 🐇

Anema is PETA Approved Vegan 🐇

Our production is PETA certified

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