The real change, what's left, happens one step at a time.

Sustainability is a path, not the destination.

All our products have always been made with recycled materials or innovative and partly organic materials. Find out below.

Organic hemp

Being the strongest natural fabric, hemp guarantees durability and longevity.

It has a high resistance to UV rays, allowing the fabric to retain its dyes more than any other natural fiber.

Hemp is antibacterial, which makes it a fabric with exceptional performance.



The Nopal cactus used to make Desserto is grown on a ranch in the Mexican state of Zacatecas. The mature leaves of the cactus are harvested every 6-8 months according to the growth cycles of the cactus. No irrigation is needed.

The collected leaves are left to dry in the sun, after which they are transformed into powder, mixed with non-toxic binding materials and molded into the Desserto material.



Produced in Italy by the FRUMAT company, it comes from apples grown in Bolzano and is made up of about 20-30% apple. It is vegan and cruelty free.

AppleSkin is made by recovering a waste product, which would otherwise be wasted, and transforming it into the final material we use for bags.


Corn and rPET

Innovative fabrics born from an organic base obtained in two different ways and also combined with each other, from organic corn and recycled PET recovered in environmentally risky areas.

There are several Italian companies, for example Fiscatech and Coronet, which actively invest in research and development and increasingly use energy from renewable sources.