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United by a passion for timeless design.

Production methods and choice of materials characterize each Anema product.

Local production

We were born as a local reality in a family-run establishment, with an authentic artisan spirit.


Our products do not involve animals in any part of the production process, and it always will be.

Ethical work

The products should not harm workers. We only work with partners who share our values.


About Anema

We come from the fashion industry, so we know its contradictions deeply.

At Anema we have chosen to place sustainability at the center of the entire production process.

This means that we only choose fabrics with minimal environmental impact and we only collaborate with companies that share our same values. Sustainability is the only lens through which we see things.


Our vision

Our promise is to minimize the environmental impact without compromising on style, to remain transparent in every step we take towards greater sustainability, so that our customers can feel good while wearing beautiful accessories.


The difference can be seen

We value transparency. We are open and honest about the materials of our products, how they are manufactured and their price. Honesty will always be our policy.

Towards transparent fashion

Company certifications


We really want to work on making our process transparent. Start by taking a look at the materials we use to produce Anema bags.

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We are always looking for personalities and organizations that share our same values. If you believe that we could develop something beautiful together, now is your time.

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