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The elegance of the Mais collection meets the naturalness of our best hemp . Biomix is sustainability without giving up any detail.

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Mini Sibilla Light GreenMini Sibilla Light Green
Mini Sibilla Light Green Sale price€215,00
Pink Mini SibillaPink Mini Sibilla
Pink Mini Sibilla Sale price€215,00
Sibilla Light GreenSibilla Light Green
Sibilla Light Green Sale price€245,00
Sibilla RosaSibilla Rosa
Sibilla Rosa Sale price€245,00
Sibilla CaramelSibilla Caramel
Sibilla Caramel Sale price€245,00
Sibilla Cruise BrickSibilla Cruise Brick
Sibilla Cruise Brick Sale price€360,00
Queen Capri BrownQueen Capri Brown
Queen Capri Brown Sale price€167,00
Queen Capri CaramelQueen Capri Caramel
Queen Capri Caramel Sale price€167,00
Ischia Mia BrownIschia Mia Brown
Ischia Mia Brown Sale price€195,00
Ischia Mia CaramelIschia Mia Caramel
Ischia Mia Caramel Sale price€195,00
Sibilla Cruise Light GreenSibilla Cruise Light Green
Sibilla Cruise Light Green Sale price€360,00
White BellinəWhite Bellinə
White Bellinə Sale price€270,00
Bellinə Light Green Hemp MixBellinə Light Green Hemp Mix
Bellinə Light Green Hemp Mix Sale price€270,00
Bellinə BrickBellinə Brick
Bellinə Brick Sale price€270,00
Bellinə Caramel Mix HempBellinə Caramel Mix Hemp
Bellinə Caramel Mix Hemp Sale price€270,00
Amalfi Light GreenAmalfi Light Green
Amalfi Light Green Sale price€236,00
White AmalfiWhite Amalfi
White Amalfi Sale price€236,00
Amalfi BrickAmalfi Brick
Amalfi Brick Sale price€236,00
Amalfi Caramel Mix HempAmalfi Caramel Mix Hemp
Amalfi Caramel Mix Hemp Sale price€236,00